New style of hidden support domains and other information

V3 concealed products and services

With a lot of people asking yourself why all the quick v2 concealed company domain names stopped performing, we will check out to make clear this in this small but extensive posting.

So what does an .onion name do?

It will let you join to a concealed site on the Tor network. But in get for that to get the job done, the hidden site has to authenticate possession of the hidden internet sites area to the Tor network.

Now the problem with the short area names was, that the cryptographic energy of the underlying math at the rear of them was not robust ample.

The very long area names have a far more complex cryptography at the rear of them and are therefore extra protected and more durable to spoof.

The know-how of the Tor community also acquired upgraded and servers managing the v3 domains have a superior DDOS safety and other gains.

The Tor task looks to proceed to improve the concealed site network, soon after several years of not carrying out a lot to aid admins of concealed services to mitigate DDOS assaults or deanonymization tries.

We switched to a new server once more

As you might have seen, in the the latest months the internet site of the Hidden Wiki was not as secure as it utilized to be.

We have mitigated this and moved the site to a new server with a lot more sources and more rapidly network.

We hope the downtime we had did not cause much too a lot difficulty for any one.

And we will make sure that in the potential we hold the web-site as steady as it was in the previous.

We would like to thank our supplier for
Some other information about one-way links on the Concealed Wiki

The dim world-wide-web is continuously switching, and with it the Hidden Wiki.

We as a result determined to fall the aged v2 .onion web-sites from the key web page.

Considering that the past Tor browser update, the previous v2 web sites are no lengthier supported and will prevent performing.

So it tends to make no feeling to record them anymore.

We will rather add a lot more new concealed providers in the future, so test back from time to time.


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